VFC 416 guys. I NEED HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by haml, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Hey guys/girls, I'm bringing a VFC 416 back to life. Got it in a trade and was missing the charging handle, h&k fake bolt cover (odered), bolt latch (ordered), no hop-up (put prowin w/flat hop in it) and entire upper was painted camo. IKR. Any who, everything is ordered and I'm not sure of the size charging handle needed. Can anyone post pics of theres. I need a size comparison as to which one I need as well if I need the upper spring that runs along the top to the hook of the charging handle. Also did I mention I supere glued the new fake bolt plastic piece in. Yeah bad move. Lol. Have to use the acetone to unglue. Thanks all.
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    I would pull up a diagram of the explosion disassembly view and look at the specific part numbers. There's a PDF somewhere on the Internet. Anyways, email VFC about which specific parts you need and you can purchase them directly from them without going through a middle man. You will need the VFC charging handle and components within, as well as the spring that attaches to the upper. The screw too if you don't have that. You can find all the information about what parts you need my looking at the explosion view of the gun.