VFC 416 or KWA SR7?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by RyantheChimp, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Lone_Sausage5

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    OK I will be buying a 7.4 then.
  2. IsaaxTeamSlayer

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    KWA's aegs are not great guns.

  3. JakeBworth

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    They are actually pretty good performance wise. Leagues over any type of clone.

    But I'd still go with the 416. Probably VFCs best AEG yet in my opinion.
  4. steelfallenangel

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    Owned both (or at least a equivalant for the SR7, was a KM4A1) I'd say it depends on what you plan to do with it.

    The VFC has a much better body and some nice bells and whistles IE trademarks and functioning bolt catch.

    Now for me however my VFC didn't compete internally to my KWA. Not that the KWA is the best by any stretch but I think it has a small edge over the VFC. If your good with internals than there stock specs are a mute note.

    Other bonus of the KWA is that being a M4 platform theres more you can do to it to personalize the externals, save for the upper receiver. While the 416 has far fewer options, unless your prepared for some heavy duty custom fitting.

    For mine I went full magpul with the KWA (am currently getting a Magpul lower MUR upper custom fitted to the 2gx gearbox) while my VFC I turned into a M27. Haven't decided if I want to dish out the money just to buy the IAR lower receiver or just stick with the new marking nylon that came with the kit.
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