VFC HK 416c vs VFC M27 IAR

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by TrentDaPhilla, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. TrentDaPhilla

    TrentDaPhilla New Member

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new aeg and am interested in both of these guns but just wanted to know from people with experience if the M27 is worth more money and weight for the longer barrel it has? I do not play cqb so the length is not a problem.
  2. airsoftmaniacman

    airsoftmaniacman Active Member

    Barrel length has nothing to do with performance.

    You should purchase one or the other based on its aesthetic desirability. Do you want a SBR, carbine, or full length assault rifle?

  3. Joniden

    Joniden New Member

    What he said. I like the HK416 platform but I got an M27 because it is something different aside from the usual 416 CQB model and also I want to see if I can use highcaps at milsim games because of it being a "LMG".

    But there is a barrel extension for the 416 so if you want a 416 with a 14.5" barrel, it can be done. It really comes down to what barrel length you want. Outside of that the 416 and M27 are just the same gun.