VFC MP5 3rd burst AEG questions.

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by OPairoft, Jun 24, 2020.

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    So I have the chance to pick up a lightly used one, but I am very concerned about the weird propriety/v8 gearbox. I don't really care for burst, especially knowing that its mechanical and about as reliable as a kwc 1911. But as long as semi and auto work, thats fine with me. I also like the externals even if it is the US model with die cast metal instead of steel.

    I would hope that if the shell did break or I want something different, that I could possibly get a Avalon MP5 gearbox to fit or even a lower/gearbox.

    So, would I be making a costly mistake for wanting one? or is it salvageable from the "eh" design choices vfc made?
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    If you get one, make sure it's got the stamped steel upper... Otherwise, not worth it imo. It's just a V8 gearbox btw. Standard v2/3 gears fit (though using a standard sector will disable the mechanical burst). Spare parts (c/o lever, sector, etc) related to the burst function can be sourced direct from vfc (though maybe not for much longer, so you might want to grab a few spares sooner than later). I can remember if the gear ratio is 16:1 or not, but if it isn't, you could swap in an SHS/Rocket/SLD spur and bevel to lower the ratio.
    I've seen at least one gearbox swap done on these, but that's only worth it if you have the steel upper imo.

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    Very very few of the VFC Mp5 have the steel upper. I'm guessing only the Asia editions have it. Definitely not worth the price for a pot metal version.