VFC SCAR-L or ICS UK-1 TransforM4?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by nectricks, May 4, 2016.

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    Hello, guys.
    [I know I just posted a thread about my SCAR, but it's a completely different matter]

    A friend of mine is selling his lightly used ICS CXP UK-1 TransforM4.
    Do you guys think it's a good deal for me to trade my VFC SCAR-L CQC for that?

    I like the fact ICS has the quick spring-change feature, but I'm quite unsure if that's worth it. Doesn't its gearbox fail on the long run?

    I avoid tinkering as much as I can, since parts are expensive as heck here in Brazil. Thus, a reliable and good-performing AEG is a priority.

    Thanks! :D
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    Is he including anything with it? The Scar L is more expensive so that can be a factor.

    Personally I would trade, I just love the ICS split gearbox design.
    It's so much easier to work on, plus I like the look of the CXP Transform4.
    My ICS M4 has not failed me yet, it should run strong for a quite a while.