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VFC SCAR-L upgrade - motor

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Hello, guys! How are you?

My AEG (VFC SCAR-L CQC) is completely stock and shoots 400 fps @ 0.20g.
With 11.1v it runs perfectly. With 9.9v its trigger response is delayed and its semi-auto locks up frequently. As the AEG has no MOSFET nor much room for it, I'd like to avoid 11.1v, if possible.

I read in VFC's manual that its motor is a "hi-speed" model (VF9-MTR-L-01). In RedWolf Airsoft's product link it says to use it in AEGs with up to 340 fps. So it reinforced my idea about that issue being from the weak motor.

Thus, should replacing that with an efficient motor get me rid of that issue?
If so, which of these motors would you recommend me (having in mind I want trigger response, not RoF)?
- ZCI Hi-Torque 22TPA;
- ZCI Balanced 16TPA;
- SHS Hi-Torque 16TPA;
- other (as long as not much more expensive, as I'll need to import it to Brazil).

Would those be able to run with 9.9v 15C?

Thank you so much :D
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