VFC Scar won't shoot with bipod

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by babachimbu, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Picked up my first airsoft gun this week to play with my son. It is a VFC Scar SSR. Funny thing is, it shoots great when I hold it, but mostly won't fire from the bipod. Tried the bipod on different positions along the bottom rail. I can pull the trigger while it sits on the bipod, nothing happens. Lift the gun with my hand underneath and it will fire. I can get it to fire sometimes, especially in full auto, if I release the mag and return it while on the bipod. Kind of cool to have the bipod option so I appreciate any thoughts.
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    Just need some clarification here...
    1. Are we talking the stock OEM bipod for the SSR or an aftermarket? If it's an aftermarket, post a link or picture.
    2. When you say it sometimes doesn't fire, you you mean the gun cycles but no BBs fly out the barrel or is it dead silent?
    3. When you set the gun down on the bipod, do you notice any flex in the body? And when you pick it up do you notice any wobbling?

  3. babachimbu

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    Thanks for the questions.

    1) Aftermarket bipod (I think.)
    2) When I say it won't fire, I mean the trigger is dead. No noise.
    3) Seems very sturdy. I notice no flex at all. Certainly no wobbling.