VFC SRX 309 11.1v

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    Any idea what sized 11.1v Batteries will fit into the stock of a VFC SRX 309? I was thinking maybe a few of these https://www.airsoftatlanta.com/coll...ts/11-1v-1100mah-red-tiger-stick-battery-lipo

    Also how many will I need for a Milsim op in they're Lipo 11.1v 1100 mAh?
    I heard 11.1 lipo's have close to double the amount of charge as an NiMH battery with the same mAh, Is that correct? Also It's a 2 day op.

    ***Also I forgot to add. Should KWA KM4 Mid caps work with the VFC SRX 309?

    Thank you any response will be appreciated.
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    A lot of people will suggest against buying the batteries from Airsoft retailers, as they tend to mark up for subpar products. Check out hobbyking for LiPo's, and make sure you also get a nice charger if you don't already have one. iMax B6 is one of the most common ones.

    That being said, the biggest 11.1 I've gotten to fit into a buffer tube is a 1300mAh with no swelling whatsoever. If it swells, it probably won't fit anymore.

    As for their capacity vs NiMH, I think there's a sticky thread on here about the differences of capacitor efficiency. Not going to spread any hearsay.

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    Yeah I've bought plenty of batteries from Airsoft Retailers and they've not given me any problems. I just don't have enough 11.1 Lipos. I really wanted to get my SR-10 ready for this op because I have plenty of 11.1 lipos that fit it but that's not going to happen in time. Thank you btw.
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    What he is saying is that you can get a battery like what you have linked ($18) from hobbyking.com for around $7-10. Potentially you could get two batteries for the price of that one battery you linked. I agree with what he is saying about some airsoft retailers selling batteries for a very inflated price. I have seen the exact battery you would buy from hobbyking for 9 bucks being sold at an airsoft retailer for 39 bucks.
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    Yeah I know. I will probably be purchasing more soon. So I'll check out some non airsoft retailers