Vfc vs g&p m4 model

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by robbie89, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. robbie89

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    Bouncing back and forth.. Can't decide.. Please help.
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    vfc all day 20characters

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    VFC has great internals, and good metal externals, but it is commonly agreed that G&P makes the best M4 externals on the market(and they usually include free goodies like railcovers, extra irons-sights and red-dots) but not the best internals. They're good it's just something usually breaks internally eventually, just like all guns. I'd say VFC=no upgrades internally
    G&P=A couple upgrades, nothing tremendous.
    Just my two cents.
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    los angeles
    delt with both brands and I prefer the VFC m4
  5. Lil_Shady

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    Having used and abused both brands, I gotta hand it to G&P. My VFC had major issues. Gear box jams, crappy hop up, the self-shimming GB idea was not well executed. With my G&P, I have had great results in stock form for as long as I've had it. I've put roughly 40k rounds through it with no problems.
  6. GunsnBones

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    They are both great guns. I own a VFC and I have shot multiple G&Ps . They both perform similarly out of the box. Although, I prefer my VFC because of the bolt catch, reliability, and slightly better performance. Almost all the G&Ps I have seen have had slight problems like gearbox lock-ups and motors overheating. After over 20 thousand rounds my VFC has had no issues. In the end both are great guns and you will be happy with either one.
  7. Ehudakineyah

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    Either one is a good choice. Had many bad experiences with both. And had more good experiences as well.

    G&P: (pro's and con's)
    - tight tolerances
    - depending on your model of m4 and gen. There are many more screws then normal, and slightly harder to put back together if your not familiar with the fittings.
    - many new G&P's are too close of a fit. Hard to even slide some of the gearboxes out. Even reassembly of gearbox shell is tight lol. But it's not a bad thing.
    - pretty good quality of internals. 7.5/10 (stock)
    - G&P m120 speed motors are good for 10.8v batteries and under. I don't recommend going down the 11.1v LiPo route with this motor. Or you'll be changing the motor very soon.
    - metal hop chamber is a plus.
    - gear set is 16:1 ratio.
    - spring guide is a pin post type. Not too many "cheap" aftermarket replacements.
    - I personally hate the ring connectors for the motor.
    - they shoot good, feel high quality, light weight.

    VFC: (pro's and con's)
    - loose tolerance in fit, but still very solid. More of tech feel.
    - very easy to take apart and upgrade. Very fast to dissasemble down to bare bones.
    - pretty light weight, some have a rattle to them. But still sturdy.
    - internals I think are more of a step up in stock form.
    - I don't care for the plastic hop up, but it gets the job done in stock form.
    - motor is good for stock. And can take a beating of a 11.1v LiPo.
    - I'd rate the internals at a 8.25/10 (stock)
    - not sure exactly on the spec of every single internal. VFC is not "crazy" popular in Hawaii unlike their G&P contenders.
    - they shoot just as good, feel of good quality, and light weight as well.

    Comparing a same gun side by side, i would choose a VFC personally off my own opinion. Not being bias or anything. I even own more G&P stuff then VFC.
    - Shooting the same gun side by side yields barely any difference besides the sound of the internals. VFC has more of a snap of a shot and slow'er top speed, while the G&P has a slower start up shot but yields a higher rate of fire on the same exact type of battery.
    - range, accuracy, and consistency with the same gun is about the same.
    - both are about the same weight in hand. I'm just going by feel.
    - the VFC has a couple mm's more of battery storage in the stock tube. G&P's stock tube is a little thicker.

    All comes down to personal preference in the end. It's not all the info I can give. It's off the top of my head lol. And I'm at work.

    Try test shoot both out at a local store or something, and see which you like better :)
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    Ive witnessed him torture his g&p. And that things a killer, literally. You could hear those "HIT's" from a mile away.