[VIDEO REVIEW 1080p HD] Tokyo Marui AA12 "SLEDGE HAMMER" (Shooting Test+Disassembly)

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  1. Review, Shooting Test and Disassembly of the Tokyo Marui AA12 "SLEDGE HAMMER" Fully Automatic Electric Tri-Shot Shotgun A.E.S:

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    I'm quite impressed with your breakdown process. Very clean, neat, and organized. Makes me jealous ;)

    The design on that is... interesting. I guess some part of me was hoping for aftermarket compatibility, but seeing the amount of teeth on that piston, as well as the tri-head design, kills that I suppose. Doing airseal to those would be a total pain, guess we can't just rely on #14's anymore! I can't wait to see what some of the more adventurous do with this, other then just P*ing it that is...

  3. Thanks Wingman703, I appreciate your feedback, by the way I'm soon publishing a full in-depth Gearbox disassembly so stick around! It's actually quite fascinating to see how they managed to build its Cylinder Set! ;-)
    I think I will upload it on this page as well by the way, probably under the Takedown/Disassembly video.