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    Well last july i got a cyma m14, and i have been using it as a dmr. I have a generally modern loadout, but i have always like the Vietnam style. So i think im gonna put together a Vietnam M14 style loadout. Heres a list of what i have and what i want to get:
    OD green BDUs (need)
    Replica M1 helmet (have)
    M56 Suspenders (need)
    Old Fabric pistol belt, the kind with the rivets for clips on it (have)
    Old style canteen (have)
    canvas M14 mag pouches (need)
    canvas 1911 mag pouches(need)
    and maybe a canvas compass pouch (need)

    I might also get an ALICE pack for transporting stuff to and from the field

    So pretty much i just wanted to keep track of my progress on this thread. Also, of anyone has ideas or suggestions let me know. I know a good bit about what was used in Nam but not everything. This isn't my primary concern right now, its just a side project. Right now im working on a complete working loadout in general.
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    I would avoid the ALICE pack since it was pretty much post-nam before it really got issued. If you can try and find an ARVN pack or I believe there's a pack that came with the M1956 load carrying gear.

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    Yeah, your gonna need a full on M56 rig. They are not that cheap anymore but is a interesting item to own. As KosovoPhantom mentioned, the ALICE pack is a post Nam pack. The Light weight Rucksack was the most common but will cost as much or more than a VFC gun. THe ARVN Rucks were issued to US troops and is passable. I personally wouldn't stitch nazi you on the ALICE pack as it is usually allowed to simulate the Tropical Rucksack (the ALICE's daddy). I applaud you for your attempts.
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    Hmm. Never knew the ALICE was post nam. Plus i'm going for early nam. As of right now its kinda on hold, due to limited funds (im poor) but im still shopping around. I found M56 suspenders for around 30 bucks, but getting the other stuff might be a pain. It looks like the best im gonna get is a decent impersonation, as full on load out seems like its gonna cost a lot of dinero. Thanks for the help guys!
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    Well, Ive changed my mind. Instead of building an early m14 loadout im gonna go for a late M16 loadout. For one because its cooler, but mainly because i recently went to a local gun show and a seller there had tones of old LBEs and belts and m16 mag pouches and such, and i put together an LBE rig based off what my dad wore in the Air Force, so now going with a late M16 loadout is much more practical. Plus i need an M16 to match the AF loadout anyway. Ill probably get a G&P m16vn.