Viper Tech M4

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    The only airsoft M4/M16 I have or will ever own :p

    This is my 2013 Viper Tech I've been working on for a while. Its a great gun. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask. hope you enjoy.

    Stuff I added:

    Clone SpecterDR
    Surefire M300 w/ pressure pad
    KAC rail covers (some cut to fit)
    Tango Down vertical grip
    Badger Ordnance Tactical latch (had to re drill hole on charging handle for it to work)
    Magpul MOE+ grip
    Magpul trigger guard
    G&P sling mount
    MAtech backup sight
    G&P stock tube


    I am REALLY thinking about getting a free float rail for it. I'm really digging the KAC URX rail. Knights Armament is one of my favorite manufacturers. Any advice you're willing to provide about this would be great.

    Thanks for looking.