Wanting other teams to play my team

Discussion in 'Iowa Airsoft Forum' started by loesshillsspartans, May 14, 2014.

  1. loesshillsspartans

    loesshillsspartans New Member

    My team and I would love to play another team in our area. We are willing to drive as long as it isn't to far. We are just getting tired of playing each other. We would like to play another team to see how we work as one team. If you would like to play our team we are in southwest Iowa out of Tabor. Email me if interested at [email protected] thank you, and looking forward to play any team out there

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  2. backwoodsboy

    backwoodsboy New Member

    I have a 7 man milsim team


  3. aursoftpaintbsller1

    aursoftpaintbsller1 New Member

    What's the minimal age I'm young but good
  4. loesshillsspartans

    loesshillsspartans New Member

    We don't have an age limit on our team. We just ask that you try to be part of the team, call your hits, and wear your eye pro. If anyone wants to contact me about joining the team, or getting a game set up, give me a call at 712-313-0286

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  5. Edcase

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    Rock island
    That's exactly our teams problem so we would love to play we have 18 acres of timber set up with bunkers if interested we are in Milan so message me for more info