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Wanting to join a team

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I'm looking to join a team in or near Huntsville/Madison Alabama. I'm still pretty new to airsoft so I'm just looking for a good team to help get me started.
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If you haven't already, come out to Apache Tactical in Madison. Good bunch of folks. You can find potential teams there.
i recently went down there and they seemed to be closed. I'll check again once it gets a bit warmer out. Thanks!
They were closed after Christmas for the holidays and this past weekend to attend an event. They should be back to regular operation next weekend, weather permitting. There is a pretty strong core of regular players that go there. Numbers about 20+ on Saturdays. Drop by when you get a chance.
You can also check out Lothian Airsoft Theater it's a pretty cool course it's got 110 acres
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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