WAR CHEST MUST GO! Priced to sell, no split.

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    This is my war chest. I made this to use to train with my US Army Unit. I paid for the whole thing over time so that we could train at any time. Initially when i started I bought all the JG rifles, the RPK and the m249 new. When my contract ended It left with me. Unfortunately I don't need a detachments worth of guns anymore.

    I know this is an over used statement but, we barely used them. We used them about 4 times for about 2 hours a piece. So each gun has about 8 hours of use on them. During my time building this crate up I kept buying used rifles to keep adding to the numbers I can support/train. So some of these guns are used 2nd/3rd owner rifles, if it doesn't have an orange tip it was bought used.. But they are very well maintained and stored. The only guns that do not work are the mini guns and a m249 shell, they are props.

    I would like to sell this in one bulk sale.

    It's all got to go.
    $2000US, I will ship, but it will come freight and at your cost. 4 man carry when loaded. You can pick up, I am in the Pocono's. I do not want to split this up. I don't think you can get a better deal.
    No batteries. Bring your own if you want to test..

    Send me a private message and I will get back to you immediately.

    2x JG M4A1 Enhanced Version (FG6604)
    2x JG M16A3 Enhanced Version (JG6610)
    1x Classic Army M4A1
    1x ECHO 1 Full Metal M249 MKII with Box Magazine (A002402922)
    4x CM028 AK47
    2x CM028S AK47S (CM028S)
    1x TSD Tactical Gen II Full Metal/Wood RPK (SDGE0605)
    1x CYMA Javelin APS Full Metal / Wood Full Size AK74
    1x Steel body AK47
    1x Ammo Can
    Custom Carrying Crate.
    12x Star AK47 105rds Mid Capacity Magazine
    9x G&G GR16 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
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