War Den Airsoft - Tribulation V (October 10th, 2015)

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    Event Location: 6798 Little Buckhorn Road, Stone Creek, OH 43840, USA
    Entry Fee: $20
    Minimum Age: 12
    Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350 semi only
    Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400 full auto, 500 for bolt action
    Minimum required safety equipment: (under 18) full face protection
    Magazine restrictions: 1 hicap or unlimited mids

    Are you a fan of the STALKER, Metro 2033, or Fallout series? Then this is the milsim for you! We will be incorporating the use of a gas mask system so that you may enter certain zones. Players who bring their own gas mask must have it checked that it is ballistics rated for obvious safety reasons. The use of a household spray mask (ones with actual filters) may also be used.

    After a virus was introduced to the Denland territory (spanning over 350 miles), over 65% of the population was wiped out. The rest of the world was already contaminated with the deadly virus, with Denland being one of the last bastions of purity left. It began when Dr.Himmler and his Juggernauts managed to poison the water supply of one section of Denland - this was due to the downfall of the local factions, who made a valiant last stand in unity to stop Dr.Himmler. After the water supply was contamiated, factions moved to a safer zone. Clean water is scarce, and therefore deemed a valuble resource. Hope begins to fade, as these are dark times for Denland. Raiders are an increasing problem, and the virus is still spreading. A Dark One arises to unite the factions. The Malevolant One unites factions, and pushes out the larger raider groups - however, the Malevolant One also committed blood sacrifices and stole supplies from factions. After the Malevolant One had what he needed, he fled out of the Denland territory to return to being an evil bard. About a year after the removal of MOST raiders, a remnant of the Soviet invasion force by the name of Dimitri, who's sanity was lost long ago when his comrades fell from the virus, arrived in Denland. Dimitri tricked a faction into helping him create a bio-weapon that would expose the nearby village to a strain of the deadly virus that killed off more than 77% of the world's population. Now, years after the weaker factions have been picked off, the remaining factions have become more advanced and more militaristic. After discovering military bases around the borders of Denland, they have acquired 21st century weapons and gear, such as plate carriers and more modernized camoflauges. They also discovered training books, and ravaged libraries for more information on combat and survival. While supplies such as food, water, and batteries are still hard to come by, military tech is abundunt across the Denland territory. Using such equipment, the village has been decontaminated and the villagers have returned. However, Dr.Himmler and a new accomplis have returned to Denland to achieve some of this new military hardware, and finally kill off all life in the Denland territory. His plans are kept between him and his new acomplis alone. Factions are now armed to the teeth, and have minimal military training. Are they ready to face this old foe once more and destroy him once and for all?

    Please bring canned goods to the event. Players can respawn by giving a ref a canned good. All canned goods are being donated.:)


    GATES OPEN - 9:00 AM
    BUILD CAMPS - 10:00-10:30
    STARVING GAMES - 10:30-1:00
    LUNCH - 1:00-1:45
    DEBRIEFING - 5:00
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