Warrior L96 pressure and hop up problems

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by GunnyP, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Well I've owned this l96 for about 3 years now and I tried it with some .3's and it worked quite well, but it still not great. So me and a friend did a couple of modifications, including some PTFE tape around the piston head and hop bucking, and the biro mod suggested by ASPUK, and it worked great, fired about 430 with a .2 bb.......

    Now I've tried to make the hop work with a .4 bb and it won't, I've got as much up hop as possible on it and it still shoots straight down out of the barrel, if I stick any more up hop on it the bb's jam inside the hop unit. Ive broken the hop lever arm twice trying to do this.

    Also since bulking out the hop unit more, it doesn't feel powerful at all and sounds like there's an air leak somewhere, with almost nothing coming out the barrel (but I can't find where!) If anyone has any idea how I could make it fire with a normal amount of hop and good range, and a .4bb, then it'd be much appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance!