Waterproofing help?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by TSScaptain, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. TSScaptain

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    I have an (crappy) AEG and I like to play in heavy rain and near water.(In the country area) My gun screws up a ton and I dont want it hurt any more by water. Does anyone know of a way to make an AEG water proof or at least somewhat resistant.My attachments are all waterproof so the only thing I amy worrying about is my gun breaking when it gets wet. Any advice?
  2. Fritz

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    There is no way to "water-proof" an AEG. Depending on the placement of plastic and metal, you can attempt using PVC or hot glue...Although, I really don't believe anyone would want to do this.

  3. xXIndestructibleXx

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    I'm no expert technician but my best advice or theory is to make sure the "electrical parts" do t get soaked, I mean I don't think a couple drops will cause a malfunction but if its getting drenched you may have an issue, so I'd insulated the battery, connections and motor. That's my best idea
  4. Star_folder

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    How does your gun mess up? Getting water in your barrel will throw off your accuracy. You could plug the barrel to keep the water out, but, well, then your bbs won't come out.

    Effectively, your gun is as waterproof now, as it will be.
  5. Protectionperfection

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    my VFC scar can be submerged under water and battery and all and come out shooting just fine... accuracy sucks but no issues. You CANT WATERPROOF your gun but you CAN make it WATER RESISTANT.
  6. Vandal

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    Just wondering, what is the difference between waterproof and water resistant, if you can have your gun completely submerged? I'm very sure that counts as waterproof... please let me know if I'm wrong.
  7. Archer627

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    Waterproof means it will repel water. Water resistant means it can stop water for a period of time, but water will get through eventually.
  8. Protectionperfection

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    Look at your watch. it says water resistant to lets say 30 meters and then it no longer is water resistant. It can be fully submerged but is not waterproof. Waterproof would be a vacuum sealed bag or a water tight container that wont allow water in no unless you want it to get in and break a seal.
  9. Kopis

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    If you are really desperate, you can put the gun inside a large plastic bag. You cut holes for the barrel your magwell, and your attachments and that use rubber bands to keep the bag from getting in the way. I have seen people do this when it rains at a field and the people don't want to go.