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Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by GhostSquadAirsoftTeam, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. GhostSquadAirsoftTeam

    GhostSquadAirsoftTeam New Member

    Should I buy a WE M9 or should I save up and buy a KJW M9?

    Which brand is better?

    - Ghost Squad

  2. schlabie

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    KJW, and yes KWA is a good brand for GBBs. Lil_Shadys my GBB tech, and he says KWA's are PITA's to take down. Just food for thought.
  3. Napple

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    I own a kwa m9 an it shoots very nice. It's really easy to take down so i dont know how someone thinks that it's hard... Only problem is i do not like the way kwa hop ups are adjusted
  4. Rocky

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    Get a kjw!I owned the exact same gun you want to buy,the trigger mech broke really fast and there made with pot metal..If you really want a good gbb buy a kwa or tm preferably a tm!
  5. Sharp

    Sharp Member

    Save up for a KJW, or go the next step and look at a KWA or Tokyo Marui (the new M9A1, don't look at the older TM M9s, they're bad).

    I will stress that WE isn't necessarily a bad brand, they're just shoddy QC at times. With a KJW you get roughly the same price with a better end product.

    KWA is the go-to for "high end" pistols readily available with a metal slide, though lacking the upgradability of a TM/TM clone. TM is at my top with the downside of having a plastic (but still durable and tough) slide.
  6. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    He didn't say that they were difficult to take down, just different from the TM. I've owned both (well, the KSC rather than the KWA, but the design is the same) and actually prefer the KSC. I found it to be much easier to work on and far more robust internally. This was the old TM, however, which was not very good. TM has recently released an updated M9A1, but I haven't heard much about it from true first hand accounts or handled it myself, so I couldn't say there. The point remains, KSC and KWA guns aren't harder to work on, just different.

    This is actually a problem with all airsoft M9s. In fact, it's a problem with the real M9 as well. The damn things just break trigger springs. One of my KSCs broke one a few years ago, and TMs, KWAs, and KJWs are all known to break them. You can replace them for cheap with a real steel part if needed. This is less a fault of KJW and more a fault of the M9 trigger design.


    WE guns are largely crap. A high percentage of them come with serious problems and a higher percentage of them come sloppy, loose, and on the verge of having serious problems. A small percentage of them work just fine. This is the product a bad QC, which WE has in spades.

    A KJW will be more reliable for the same money. A KWA will be more reliable and look better for a bit more. The KSC M9 is the best on the market by a wide margin (I can't count the new TM M9 yet without seeing some real first hand accounts, so we'll say the jury is out here), but it costs more and you have to order it from overseas. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but some people are averse to it for whatever reason.

    I own two KSC M9s and just can't give them up. There's a reason for that--they're two of the best GBBs I've ever seen. If you have the money, I highly suggest you buy one. If not, the KWA or KJW are fine options as well. Note that the KWA has a functional decocker while the KJW and older TM do not.
  7. Sohte

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    San Jose/ Bay Area
    Man, Knief said it all.

    I only run M9 variants for my side arm and only my KWA M93R has adujustable hop up.
    If you are looking for an M9 with adjustable hop up only KWA and the new TM M9A1 have a built in adjustable hop up.
    Aside from that fact WE, KJW, HFC & HFC clones, are ALL CLONES of the original Tokyo marui design so most part M9 parts on the market are cross compatible.

    Thats just my 2 cents.
  8. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    KWC, KSC/KWA, and WA all use different designs. GBBs aren't really like AEGs where 99% of the guns on the market are TM compatible. The few brands that copy TM are, but the other half of the market is not. This isn't just with M9s, but with all guns. I'm not saying you're wrong, Sohte, just that the market isn't quite as TM compatible as your post might make it appear to the uninitiated.
  9. GhostSquadAirsoftTeam

    GhostSquadAirsoftTeam New Member

    Thank you very much

    I will most likely buy a KJW M9

    Happy Airsofting

    - Ghost Squad