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WE g18C gen 4?

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So I ever since I became 18 years old and accesesd the world of airsoft I have been a huge fan of airsoft GBBs.
Although my two purchases so far havent really put a smile on my face.
I bought an ICS BLE XAE and a second hand ASG sp-01 shadow.
The issue is that they don't have that many aftermarket parts.
I want to get into the modding scene of airsoft and found that I want a glock 18.
They seem fun and have allot of aftermarket availability.
I found the WE g18c to be a sweetspot not to cheap and not to expensive and has a metal slide.

Is the WE g18c a good pistol to start of with modding?
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Is the WE g18c a good pistol to start of with modding?
It's considered the best option for those who aren't willing to put the money into a TM. It's actually one of WE's best offerings. Tons of upgrades available [though as mentioned by others in this thread, TM is king].
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