We G18C or HFC M190 Full Auto

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by 8xS0ULJAx8, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. 8xS0ULJAx8

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    I am looking to get a semi and full auto gbb pistol. I am on a short budget, so I can't spend more than $120. Should I get the more WE G18C or the HFC Full Metal Full Auto M190? If u have any better ideas let me know.
  2. FSTK

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    I only have a TM G18C (the WE is cloned from the TM model). The full-auto is nice on that, so I'd take it the WE should be similar. I would advise against a GBB unless you're prepared to do your own work on it. It's known that the Glock 18 sears tend to wear down sooner than advertised so be prepared to replace that (easy work): the harder work is replacing the hammer/hammer spring as it wears down. Replacing the part itself is easy: actually doing the work is a PITA.

    People with TM/KSC Glocks should know what I mean.