Vest and helmet set. (£110)
Baofeng radio traditional fm transceiver and charger. Comes with standard headset.
Viper tactical jpc molle vest
X6 magazine molle holder
Dynatex impact grenade plus custom built holder for molle vest. Comes with pins and impact refils.
Ztac headset built into helmet which attaches to jpc and has a comms button. Comms button is built into best which also holds radio for easy use.
FMA PROFESSIONAL Helmet comes with weight guard at the back, can be moved. Also comes with built in anti mist goggles.
Ghost style mesh mask. Clips on and off of vest or goes around the head.
Tactical E.M.S Emersion Distress Flasher.

Double Eagle M56C Triple Shot Tactical 6mm BB Shotgun with molle Velcro attached to gun. Comes with 13 3x10 shot shells. (£50)
WE GBB T416, (Heavy version) with tier 2 upgrades.. comes with 5 gas magazines, knights armament silencer, OSS Madbull silencer, red dot sight, barrel Cleaner and metal flash guard and hard case with foam padding. (£400)