We hicapa questions.

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by TheFallenHero, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. TheFallenHero

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    So I have been looking into getting a pistol for awhile now. At my field we do some objectives where being able to shoot with one hand would be very helpful.

    Anyways are the we hicapas any good? I was looking at the oned that were on sale on evike for around 85ish dollars. My big question is durability/reliability and cost of use. I like aegs and spring shotguns as I dont worry about gas or the cost of it but how many shots do you actual get from an 8oz can of green gas.

    (Keep shot count in green gas. I only play indoor cqb and they dont allow propane for whatever reason)
  2. Dannyboyextreme

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    We in general is hit or miss. Save your Monday and invest in a better gun

  3. TheFallenHero

    TheFallenHero Active Member

    What would you recommend then in the pistol category for around that price?
  4. Fluxzey

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    it depends on what you like. do you like a 1911 platform or something different? Tokyo Marui is way better, if you are looking for a 1911 TM is your best bet. However it might be about 100 dollars and the upper receiver may be plastic. But TM is probably one of the most reliable brands.
  5. Zaryk

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    I have ran a we hi capa for two years now. I highly suggest replacing the recoil spring with a high quality replacement right away, but other than that it has been a solid gun. I never had any issues and it has preformed perfectly. I have tried replacing it with kjw and kwa pistols and always end up using my we hi capa anyway.
  6. TheFallenHero

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    I have 0 preference on model or anything. I just knew that hicapas had a lot of aftermarket. I just want to be able to customize whichever pistol I get to suit me.
  7. Fluxzey

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    If you are wanting to customize it then get a tokyo marui. They are alot more reliable. but it takes the same parts as a WE hicapa. There is an upgrade guide around here.
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  8. NeoAugAU-3G

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    Las Vegas
    there are 3 brands of hi capas. tm (of course) we, and kjw. on a scale of 1-10 the tm of course is a 10. the kjw takes second at about 7, and the we is a 5.

    tm aftermarket is all drop in as this is what the aftermarket are modeled after.
    kjw takes all internal upgrades without issue, external parts need modification.
    we needs modification for externals and for some internals.

    tm and kjw mags work in all 3 brands without issue, however in cold weather the tm lose LESS fps.
    we mags will fire in all 3 but wont always catch the slide on the last shot so you may end up with dry fires if you don't pay attention.

    now what is interesting between the 3 is that the kjw is the LEAST accurate right off the bat. I am not sure why this is..... the tm of course is the most accurate.

    all in all if you want a hi capa get a tm. even if you need to find a used one (have seen them right around the 100 mark for a good shape pistol, cheaper if you don't mind external wear)

    feel free to message me with other questions on hi capas, i don't always check the forum but i get emailed when messaged.
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    You are best off saving for the TM model rather then the WE.