WE HK416 or VFC HK416 ?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by onuRRtas, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. onuRRtas

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    Hello gents, GBBR noob here.

    I'm planning to get a GBBR 416 but i am confused.

    Firstly, i know wfc has trademarks and we doesnt it doesnt really bothering me.

    I'm a player not a collectioner, so its not really important.

    I can do some upgrades on it, so it's not really matter too.

    What is your opinions, which one should i go for ?
  2. Rushin

    Rushin Well-Known Member

    The VFC will have better externals but the WE will most likely have more upgrade parts and be a more solid performer? Someone else can correct this if I'm wrong.

  3. slythethief

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    The VFC is based on the Magna System (it's WA based) while the WE is their own system. Both have a fair amount of replacement parts and aftermarket availability.
  4. Rushin

    Rushin Well-Known Member


    Okay, thanks for the info, I wasn't sure if it was proprietary or not.
  5. Pickett

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    As a VFC owner, the main thing I'd keep in mind if you're considering one is the mags.

    The standard VFC/Socom Gear STANAG-style mags currently on the market for it aren't great (prone to cooldown problems and the like.) VFC is working to correct this, supposedly due to come out with internally redesigned 416-style mags (they are in fact shipping the latest factory versions of the 416 with those now) but they have yet to pop up for individual sale to my knowledge.

    Until they do, you've basically got two options: pay through the nose for G&P PMags made for G&P's "customized" version of the VFC 416c, or get GHK G5 mags and modify either their valves or your 416's firing pin.

    I can't recommend the G&P mags because aside from the insane price, they proved ill-fitting inside my receiver for whatever reason (no idea if that's just the deal with those, or if later model VFC 416's are slightly different spec than whatever G&P used) and doing the work required to get the G5 mags working is something I haven't even got around to yet so I'm guessing as a beginner that's not what you're looking for.

    If you're willing to wait for VFC to get off their hands and release their new mags, or put in the extra time and money to get the G5 mags working though... the VFC's are utterly beautiful guns, and IMO, a more solid platform than some people give them credit for.
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  6. onuRRtas

    onuRRtas New Member

    Thanks for replies guys.

    I think i'll go for WE.

    Because i cant find VFC in my country (TURKEY), and our customs are very strict so i cant buy it from outside of my country.

    But one of our suppliers have the WE in stock.

    And its 200-300 dollars cheaper than VFC. (airsoft is extremely expensive in our country =)) )

    Also i noticed i have a lot upgrade options on WE if i compare to the VFC,

    Also mags are cheaper too :)

    If is there anyone using a WE 416 GBBR, i would be really happy to get some help and advise from him/her

    Thanks guys ! :)
  7. SuperCriollo

    SuperCriollo New Member

    Since the WE comes with a blank receiver, you can always get the trademarks laser engraved!
    Best luck!
  8. brokenarrow

    brokenarrow Well-Known Member

    as a WE 416 owner I can say without a doubt that it is amazing, you'll be very happy
  9. Dehaka

    Dehaka New Member

    yeah thats really neat feature! :D
  10. onuRRtas

    onuRRtas New Member

    Imm hello sir, did you made any upgrades on it.

    Also did it gave you any malfunctions or something ? :D
  11. Lizard1IG

    Lizard1IG New Member

    Hello All

    I thought I'd post as I've been looking at both the L85 and the Umarex HK416D which I ended up buying and found out it is the 2015 ver which comes with a new redesigned dedicated magazine compared to the M4 ones people have been able to get away with using they are longer and the fill valve is located on the side instead of on the bottom apparently they've come out with these magazines because they upgraded the internals to make them more durable


    I don't know if what Pickett has suggested will work but at £50 a magazine I'd be willing to try pretty much anything before having to fork over that amount of money got 1x mag.
  12. Munishin

    Munishin Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to correct this. You can still find WE 416s with proper trademarks overseas. Although not as abundant in previous years, it is indeed still possible to locate.