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    I have a we M&p and something broke near the hammer. Now the hammer does not lock down anymore and is blocking the slide from getting off. Anyway i can get the slide off without damaging anything? I have a 170$ slide so don't want to break it.
  2. Busilypeter

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    Mods please close found a way to take it off.

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    I'm still thinking on your problem, i had the same but i could remove the slide by pushing really hard it to the frame. It seems that your problem is that the sear is not catching any more the hammer and it is always released, that's why your slide is locked.
    You have 2 solutions, pushing the slide really hard while racking it so the sear hopefully catches the hammer and then releasing the slide.
    Or using some brute force:

    1- Rack the slide and turn the take down lever so the whe you release the slide it cames a bit forward, when this happens you could unscrew the screw that holds the hammer unit in place, a¡then remove the pin that is also holding that unit.
    2- Remove the two pins that hold the trigger unit

    3- Now it gets nasty, the back of the inner lower body is released, but in the front there's also a tiny screw holding the forward inner body, it's allocated inside the the front pole of the trigger guard in the polymer frame, the only way to remove it is taking of the slide but as you can't do it, you must break that part of the plastic frame. The best way is using dremel or something like that. When the screw is released you could split easyly the plastic lower and the metalic lower. then it should be easy to take of the slide the front lower.
    4- As the hamer is stil released you must disassembly the hammer unit, when it's out of the body is very easy. There are two screws, unscrew them and it wil split in two parts, be carefull of not losing the tiny springs, then you can take the slide out of the frame without injuries to the slide.
    But you'll need a new frame, it's the perfect excuse to buy a Nebula frame with markings :p

    You should make the dead trigger/full auto fix, so this won't happen to you again, or buy the WiiTech Hammer+Sear+FirePin kit

    If you want to upgrade even more your M&P you could also buy the WiiTech 80% fire pin and 150% hammer spring
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