WE M14 as dmr

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Zg84, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Zg84

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    Would i be better off If i went with the WE m14 or an AEG m14 as a DMR thanks
  2. Sharp

    Sharp Member

    AEG would be your better bet, more consistency. Not that a WE M14 couldn't be a DMR, you'd just get better results with less headache with an AEG.

  3. brockolson97

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    Superior, Wisconsin
    we m14 all the way!
  4. Steeljaw36

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    As a DMR, the WE M14 is great. in semi auto Cool down isn't much of a factor (even firing all 20 rounds rapidly doesn't result in a massive drop in FPS, unless it's during the colder months, but any gas gun doesn't perfom well in the cold. The NPAS does help here though...) Your biggest concerns with the WE are these two:
    Weight- The WE isn't a lightweight, in it's stock form it weighs about 10 lbs. Even my upgraded EBR comes in around 8-9, so if you aren't used to lugging around a heavy gun in games, you are going to feel that weight after a few hours. Also, we does use potmetal in internal parts, so some will wear down. The biggest one i've seen and heard of here is the trigger housing. It WILL eventually crack. Fortunatly RA tech makes a steel replacement, and I highly recommend that anyone getting the We M14, regardless of what you ultimatly want to do with it, buy the RA tech replacement. At least the trigger housing if not the full trigger mech replacement (from what i've seen the full mech box hasn't been in stock for a while, but the steel housing is still available).
    Other than those two points, the WE is fun as hell to shoot, and intimidating to hear (I love racking the bolt after inserting a fresh mag, such a satisfing sound.....)