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    Hi. I was wondering about if I should get the we m16 (I AM FINE WITH WORKING ON THE GUN) ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1441168159.380077.jpg ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1441168173.375028.jpg

    What I want is a true honest opinion on the gun. Not just people saying oh it's bad because its we tech (LIKE I SAID, IM FINE WITH WORKING ON IT). I have loved the look of this gun for a while and decided I should try and get one.
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    The WE M16/M4 series of rifles is a very good place to start when getting into GBBR's. They are reasonably priced, durable, with a fair selection of aftermarket and secondhand parts.

    I have used a WE M4 in several games recently and when paired with an aftermarket bucking (I use RA Tech), an NPAS (the local field limit is 400fps) and decent BBs it is an effective field rifle.

    The only issues I have with my WE m4 are the bolt catch and the nozzle.
    The bolt catch refuses to work consistently or properly and the nozzles do break fairly easily (3-5k rounds), not a huge deal for me since both parts can be found at major retailers for $10 each.

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    I agree with raven about everything, great gun love mine so far no issues. I've been tinkering with my bolt catch to get it to work more consistently. shimmed it and did some stuff to the tab on the mag, and it's much better than before, but still not perfect.