WE M4 Compatible Magazines

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by The-Strange, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. The-Strange

    The-Strange New Member

    I have a WE SCAR-L which I love regardless of the amount of hate heaped on both WE and their SCAR-L.

    My only issue is that the mags cost around $50 dollars each.

    Is there another company that produces compatible mags for less. Or alternately know anywhere I can get WE M4 mags for cheap?
  2. Sako

    Sako New Member

    Unfortunately NO :(. Naturally $50 take it or leave it kind of deal. Its one reason people stay away from GBBRs and stay with AEGs less money on the magazines considering you only get to shoot 30+1 rounds in one WE Magazine.
    Personally either you become ammo efficient and shoot only when NEEDED you'll hardly use up all your mags. I got 7 of them for my WE Scar :p

  3. Sharp

    Sharp Member

    WE mags on Evike are $40 ($35 for Co2 ones that are on sale) last time I checked. Unfortunately, WE is the only producer of compatible mags for their system. Though you're paying very little for mags compared to what good WA system mags can cost.

    With GBBRs you learn to be more conservative with your shots, not only because of the obvious capacity but also because of how you handle controlling the recoil. Still, you'll need 6+ mags for open play stuff and probably closer to 20 for big OPs.
  4. The-Strange

    The-Strange New Member

    I'm really looking to simply bulk up my kit for less cash. But if that's not possible I'm prepared to bite the bullet (BB?)

    And fire control has never been an issue. I'm actually looking to swap my trigger assembly from semi/full auto to semi/3-shot burst. I found an RA trigger kit that fits the bill I just need to figure out if it will fit my gun.