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Both WE P38 black and silver versions are released at the same time.
Slide, frame and barrel are all made of aluminum alloy.
The outer barrel has retained the traditional WE style and can be fitted with a dedicated silencer.

So now the P38 has both long (L) and short (S) options.

P38S has a matching silencer.
And a thin magazine similar to the M1911 and a light fast blowback slide.

HOP UP adjustment is of special design inside the barrel, by using a small hex-screw.
It's very convenient to adjust the HOP UP without removing the slide.
Realistic firing pin is at the rear of the slide and extractor is made separately, not part of the slide.

Though the P38 grip looks thick and bulky, it is in fact quite comfortable to hold up.
The recoil spring is quite special. It's on the two sides of the frame, similar to the Desert Eagle DE.50 double guiding rod design.


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Nice, but I really wish you guys would start putting some kind of markings on your guns. Even rudimentary Waffenamt or generic serial numbers on the frame and slide and the "P.38" designation somewhere on it would be preferred to an overall blank pistol.
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