WE Scar ASC Gen. III - Bolt Carrier Problem

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    Hello Airsoft Society!

    I recently bought a NPAS valve for my WE Scar but when i opened it the bolt carrier did not have the same design on where to fit the valve. Tried hard the past few days to find a similar thread about this on the website and other sites but I had no luck so far. I read comments that they bought a replacement bolt carrier specifically to fit the NPAS onto the bolt carrier, It did come to my mind but personally I just wanted to ask Airsoft Society about their opinions before I end up purchasing the wrong part for the gun. Down below I will show post a link and pictures of what the gun current state and main problem I'm dealing with currently.

    Current item I'm looking into [Replacement Bolt Carrier supposedly i've read]

    The Bolt-Carrier above ^ Isn't it missing a rail above or I'm missing something because i read one comment from a buyer on evike this is 2 parts having troubles finding the other half?

    The Item that I purchased: https://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=31320

    I am grateful you took the liberty of your time to read this, Thank You Very Much! Every help counts.