WE TECH next generation?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Phillies2406, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    I have been looking into gbbr for a while now and I was wondering, when will WE TECH release the next generation of the rifles?
  2. Devgru98

    Devgru98 New Member Supporting Member

    Uh, they announced their P90 last year and haven't heard a thing since, they announced the dragonouv this summer and it's out.. What do you mean by next generation

  3. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    I mean like the rifles they already have, I am hoping that they will fix many internal problems.
  4. Cyphre

    Cyphre New Member

    Los Angeles
    They have, you'd just be hard pressed to get the latest version as easily as the older versions. M4 and SCAR varieties are currently generation 3 I think?
  5. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    I belive the scar is 4th and Ive seen some of the dates they were released on evike and it looks like some come out in November and October but I haven't heard anything.
  6. Daemond6

    Daemond6 New Member

    WE don't have new "generations" being released... "revisions" is maybe a better name, as all that changed form 1st to 2nd was the metal the bolt lock was made from...

    But from what I've heard from Milspec Solutions(UK retailer) via James (WE contact, unsure of company position) they're tied up with the legal side of things as they where working with Umarex/Cybergun to get US legal trades on their MP5's and P90's, but Umarex/cybergun are being asshats.

    As for newer revisions of their AR, Scar and AK ranges - Dragunov has been released (available in three models, a baseline, "skirmisher" and "pro" version, can provide comparison pics) or is being released inside of 2 months - but they're too busy with the trademark issue to work on "revising" the current guns.

    There's no real need for them to do anything to them, anyway - they're not too bad OTB, and anything you feel you need to improve - BBdragon and RA-tech do upgrades for.

    Theirs nothing inherently "broken" with any of them, out the box, unless you find one that has been either damaged in transit somehow, or just an unlucky "lemon".
  7. Munishin

    Munishin Well-Known Member

    The P90 is cancelled. I'm going to reiterate what I've said many times before but basically they had legal issues with the trades or something.
  8. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    Oh well that sucks, I hope they get the trades and stuff all figured out. I guess this thread can be closed now then.