WE tech threaded outer barrel

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    I bought this outer barrel at a shop and the thread was already on there. I was wondering if anyone knew if that thread can come off and it’s merely an extension or if it’s a part of the barrel. I don’t like the orange and I’m hesitant to try and twist it off in fear of ruining the threads. I’m also not sure if I should paint it. Thanks in advance.
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    The threads are part of an extension and can be removed.
    WE used some strong threadlocker on it so I suggest you put the end in some boiling water for a few minutes to weaken the threadlocker before you attempt to unscrew the extension.
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    If it's anything like other WE barrels I've seen in the past, it's +11mm CW to -14mm CCW so you should be able to attach on something for some counter-clockwise leverage
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    Like a nice flash hider

    And I would use a torch and not hot water.

    When the thread lock releases...that is easy to spot with a puff of smoke.