Weirdest/Unfair rules at airsoft events

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Overwatch97, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Overwatch97

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    Has anyone ever been to an airsoft event where there were some rules that were just plain unfair or ridiculous? Well if you have please post them here cause I'd love to hear them.
  2. Scarred

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    I can't use my ribber knife at my field :(

  3. Batman

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    Last game I went to my field didn't even chrono
  4. Shady

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    No rules that I found weird, but last game I went to, I was admining an we did hydration checks before we hit the field. A lot of people thought it was stupid, but in Texas heat you gotta be careful.
  5. Scarred

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  6. Pr0phet

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    I think the stupidest rule that I've ever played with is when the refs (at a field I won't name, but I had a terrible experience there) instituted a "You may only turn left rule" for the last two games of the day.
    So if you wanted to turn right, you had to do a full 270 to the left.
    The worse part is that the rule was heavily enforced.
  7. ncore

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    My local field has a chronograph of 400fps. Thats not bad, but they let you chronograph with your own bbs. Its normally a paintball place, and they do airsoft atleast once a month.

    So I could go in there with a 600fps sniper rifle on .20g bbs (this is an example, i dont have one) and use some bb over .45g and pass the test

    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    The field I go to never chronos, so you end up getting these idiots with hard springs and it's awful.
  9. airsoft1673

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    I went to a field in N.H. and the chrono was 200
  10. TysonY2

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    Was it CQB? I see it kinda being reasonable there. Otherwise you better have some spot on internals lol
  11. FSTK

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    Wow. That is weird. I wonder why one would even come up with such a rule.
  12. TheAirsoftTech

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    I went to a field that is meant for paintball, but is overrated for it. They hate Airsoft but still allow it. They didn't have any FPS limit or MED, cause they said "Airsoft can't hurt anybody like paintball can"
    :rolls eyes:
  13. cbm4399

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    Three hit death (20 characters)
  14. MilsimM16a3

    MilsimM16a3 New Member

    If it bounces off another player you are hit as well as them.
  15. cbm4399

    cbm4399 New Member

    What? That is pretty dumb! Last time I checked, airsoft is supposed to realistic.
  16. mockingshot

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    I love showing paintballers airsoft is much cooler. And are all paintballera emo? They base all off their arguments is it hurts more.

    //weirdest climbing in trees and puma pouncing.
  17. 703

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    I can understand the no climbing trees rule. It's just a law suit waiting to happen

    The "wierdest" rule at one of the fields I went to, is if you get hit lets say in the arm, You loose that arm but can continue to play. I believe after 2-3 non lethal hits you are dead and can respawn. You only "Die" instantly if you get hit in a vital spot such as the chest or head. I found this rule to be very stupid and just makes it no fun to play. Yes it's "realistic" but seriously does any one want to run around limping or only being able to use one arm ?

    And to the person that said "you can only turn left" rule. What kinda BS is that ? I mean sure it makes it intresting but thats just plain out redicoulous.

    Sometimes my field will run a game where you cant go inside a building and if you do you are out. It's a CQB field and I personally like it becuase it opens a bunch of new angles and makes for a very intresting game. They only do it once in a while but it's pretty fun.
  18. Echo-Zero

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    I can feel my rant senses tingling. I'm drawn to these threads like gnats to light. I don't know how I even put up with these people.

    Our MED rules are a little troubling to say the least...we "have" parlay but most people will not take advantage of it. Pistol is king here; we used to have an MED of 20 feet, but people kept pushing FPS limits. It was 25, which is more reasonable since people don't use .20s anymore, and now it's 30 feet because the FPS limit itself went up to 420 everywhere. Now regular combat is very heavily pistol-oriented when it gets close-in, with people simply rushing at close range with a pistol knowing full well there's nothing the guy holding an AEG can do before it's too late, and now that surrenders are pistol-only and mandatory all it takes is one guy to get within 20 or so feet of your entire squad and the whole group is toast as long as he can shoot and yell fast. People without pistols or who, like me, choose to run without them sometimes for efficiency end up being gimped. In some cases critical game objectives were centered in pistol-only areas or required a pistol (such as a VIP objective). Even our CQB places have a 400 FPS ceiling and require transitioning inside 20 feet, which forces people to bunker up instead of moving like they should.

    Slapping a silencer and a scope on an M4 makes it a DMR, but if you take the silencer off it's an assault rifle according to the rules. :rolleyes:

    Back when we had a milsim MOUT field we had a 350 FPS limit with no MED. After day one people complained too much and an MED of 25 feet was added, which basically broke gameplay. They continued to jack around with our rules to appease complainers, making it 400 FPS outside and pistols-only inside the buildings (people didn't go inside anymore after that) and then 350 inside and 400 outside, though the MED was still in place for both. This field is now, predictably, dead.

    And, worst of all, unfair balance...I have regularly seen "certain" teams being issued completely different respawn rules that suited them. I'm also noticing an unsettling amount of "limiting" the numbers of DMRs/Polar Stars/SAWs without spreading them evenly between teams just so people don't have to whine about rubbing elbows with a noob squad. Not a "rule" per se but limiting them is pointless when the other team is half made up of a specialty role.
  19. Frostbite1

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    This is why I love the fields in North Texas because we're separated between Green Vs Tan and any ACU, Multicam, or contractor's are dispersed towards which ever team has less people.

    Ok so onto what I think is the weirdest rule, which is the surrender rule. Now WAIT right there before you start pounding on your keyboard calling me unsafe, or malicious. The reason why I don't like surrender rules, is because we have MED's for a reason 20ft engagement distance with any A.E.G.'s up here, and no MED for pistols or melee weapons.

    Pistols are supposed to be less then 350 fps, so why have a surrender/parlay/bang rules. Its just not the best thing to have because it takes you out of the realistic nature of the game. If I'm not situationally aware of someone less than 20ft form my and he his me within 5ft of me, then i'll congratulate him on him/her being so sneaky, but then of course my squad will probably get him with their pistols. Because usually surrender rules make you become Dovahkiin (Skyrim) taking out an entire squad by just shouting a word. Not so terribly realistic, which is that I know us airsofters take pride in. But that of course is use my .2 and opinion.

    But as to any safety concerns which is why the rule is in place, it's less than 350 fps, its not going to injure you. And if you don't have a pistol or melee weapon then you better start backing up, because if the person in your MED, you got no chance.
  20. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    I agree with you entirely, Frostbite. Mandatory surrenders create do far more to instigate fighting and complaining than they do to prevent injury. I've always been a fan of optional surrenders. When the offensive player has the defensive player dead to rights, he calls for a surrender. If the defensive player also feels he is dead to rights, he can call it. If he thinks he can either duck behind cover or shoot the offensive player first, he's free to try. Here's the benefit. If the offensive player calls for a surrender and the defensive player does anything but call it, the offensive player shoots the defensive player (assuming he is allowed to shoot him based on his MED).

    This settles all arguments. If both players are satisfied with the automatic kill, they both get to consent to it. If the defensive player is not satisfied with the automatic kill, he has the option of beating it. If the offensive player is able to hit the defensive player before he moves/shoots, he earned the kill anyway. If the offensive player isn't able to pull a trigger before the defensive player is able to counter, then he didn't deserve an automatic kill in the first place.

    I've found that 9 times out of 10, the defensive player is willing to take the surrender with no questions asked. They can recognize that the other player is offering them a courtesy and could have just shot instead. They also typically recognize when they're dead to rights, and aren't going to argue specifically because they have the freedom to argue [read:move or shoot] if they recognize that they aren't dead to rights. Everybody on the field shows better sportsmanship in these situations if they don't feel like the kill was "cheap." It also stops one guy from taking out an entire squad by yelling "bang" a couple times. If it's you against seven or eight dudes, you're better off trying to kill as many as you can and the squad can fight back. This also preserves realism, as often times a real operator may try to subdue a lone, unsuspecting tango with commands and shoot him if he doesn't comply or acts threateningly.

    The obvious caveat is this. No matter what, you are not to shoot at anybody inside of your MED, no matter the circumstances. It doesn't matter if they deny your surrender request or if they drop trow and batwing you, you can't shoot. You can try to surrender them, and if they call it, you got a bonus kill. But if they don't, you're stuck possibly inside of your MED and outside of theirs. This makes players with engagement limits think twice about going for that too-close kill--another positive. It also makes players carry a sidearm, which is going to be safer--again, another positive.

    What really blows me away is how few fields, teams, and hosts use this version of the surrender rule. It's simple to explain, it's solves almost every problem that results from automatic surrender/bang bang rules, and it improves safety on the field. There are literally no downsides.