WELL MP7- Upradeability? Recommend or Not?

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    Hello, I've got my eyes on a MP7 as my secondary for winter (because propane isn't very friendly), as well as my secondary for my sniper rifle. So far, the only research I've done is watching multiple youtube videos. Anyone who has one, please comment with your experiences. Also, since it is TM compatible and I'm too cheap to buy the actual TM MP7A1, I was wondering what the upgradeability would be like. FPS is a little low at ~200fps with .2's, and I'd be using .25's, so to get it up to ~350fps it would probably require all components of the gearbox to be upgraded. So, my question is, could a Well MP7 gearbox take ~20-25rps at >325fps, given a new piston, gears, motor, and practically everything would be replaced? It wouldn't get heavy use as it'd be my secondary, but I need an opinion before I drop $150 into a new winter/sniper rifle sidearm. Thanks for the help, guys!
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