Well P90 & umarex g36 batteries

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    Just picked these up used but they did not come with battery or charger. There are a lot of options available but i'm not certain of physical dimensions for a 7.2v "mini" pack as described in owners manual for the P90.I have an old charger I used when I raced RC cars with deans plugs and i still have some plugs to change out on new batteries but can anyone recommend batteries that will fit?
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    Any mini battery should fit. I wouldn't use a 7.2 though because you're rof will be low. The can handle a 8.4 with plastic gears. If they have metal gears I'd use a 9.6 for best preformance.

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    The little yellow squre in the picture is the battery for the P90. One of my teammates bought this gun for his son to plink in the backyard, and believe me it wasn’t worth it. It sits in my basement as I type this. This is the only size battery that will fit this gun, I’ve tried to put a bigger one in, they don’t fit.


    This is a Tenergy version, it can be found here.


    You would need to add connectors, but other than that, it will work much better than the standard battery pack pictured in the first image.

    As for the G36, a standard Mini 8.4v battery will work.



    You can squeeze a 9.6v in there, but it might require some modification to the gun.

    Hope this helps.
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