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Discussion in 'Michigan Airsoft Forum' started by Dano5430, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Dano5430

    Dano5430 New Member

    Grand Rapids
    New West Michigan Player. Looking for a team to join to help mold me as a good grunt.:D feel free to msg me or get old of me on yahoo msg S/N happyfeet21283.
  2. ra6idpenguin

    ra6idpenguin New Member

    Also in West Michigan, me and my friends can get pretty serious about airsoft. Should airsoft with us sometime xP Message me if you like.

  3. damianlewandowski

    damianlewandowski New Member

    Hey dude I live in Roscommon and me and my 15 friends are so are really into airsoft I myself have a scar h with a ton of attachments and my friends have stuff like m14 and aks my dad works in west branch as well so we should get a battle going