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    I couldn't find any reviews about WGC Shop, so here is a summary of my experiences with them:
    I live in Norway, and in Norway airsoft equipment is ridicoulously overpriced, the selection is also pathetic, you won't find the good stuff at Norwegian retailers. So I needed an alternative, foreign retailer. I had heard many good things about WGC Shop and thought I would give them a try.

    The first impression was good, they have a good website, it's easy to navigate and I have no bugs to report. It's not the fastest website I've used, but it's loading speed can be considered average. Their website was alot slower and not quite as easy to navigate before, so they have greatly improved it.

    My first order consisted of various upgrade parts for my AUG, including a new GB shell, at a total of $93.51 including a shipping fee of $13.65. That's pretty cheap shipping. I would have to pay similar shipping to order a similar order from a domestic retailer, so no complaints there. It took about 2 weeks from I placed the order until the package arrived at my home, could be faster, but at that price i'm not complaining. Those two weeks includes the time it takes customs to declare the package, that usually takes a couple days. The actually shipping time from Hong Kong to Norway was about a week. The parts were properly packaged, literally mummified in bubble-wrap, so good marks for packing. They also offer the option to reduce the invoice value, very useful for me, as there's a 25% tax on any orders worth more than 200NOK, that's about 35USD. I made a fake account with a New York address once to see if they offered the same shipping to the US, and the shipping price was similar. For a small order I could still pay as little as $6.99.

    Price wise I have no complaints, the prices at WGC Shop are half and often less than that of prices at domestic retailers here, and they are among the cheapest Asia based retailers. Their shipping is also cheap, as stated above, as low as $6.99 for small order, for example a gear set. They also have a huge selection, lots of various parts, you'll find 99% of what you need for any build at a good price. As a Lonex fanboy I love their huge selection of Lonex parts. :D It's also easy to find the parts you need through their newly revised menu system with drop down menus at the home page with the products sorted by application, AEG gearbox parts, motors and related accessories etc. From that page you can browse through a set of categories and drop down menu to find whatever you need.

    Last but not least there is the customer service. I'm very pleased with their customer service. They will answer quickly to any mails I send with questions and will resolve any issues. One good example is the time I received a Lonex high speed gear set where the sector gear had a damaged tappet cam and a crack in the cut-off cam. I sent them a mail explaining the issue, and sent a couple photos showing the damage on the sector gear. They apologized for the inconvenience and agreed to refund the cost of the gear set. They even gave me multiple choices of how I wanted my money back, I chose store credit as I was definitely going to place more orders at them in the future.

    I can highly recommend WGC Shop to anyone, they have a good selection of products, low prices, cheap shipping and excellent customer service. Whenever I need some new parts or accessories I always check at WGC Shop first because they will most likely have what I need an at a good price. Some retailers may have lower prices but overall WGC Shop have very good prices.
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    Good to hear. They have a huge *** collection!

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    Yeah, they have pretty much everything you need and then some.