What bbs should I use?

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  1. KillerWhale

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    What brand of bbs do you recommend and how heavy do you recommend for a 460-480 fps bolt action sniper?

    No more then 25$$ probably.

    Bolt action sniper 460-480 fps.

    And I want to be hitting targets at at least 80 yards (I would prefer 100)

    I was thinking goldenball .36 or MadBull .40 but idk if that's too heavy.
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  2. Raven1st

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    3 things:
    What's your budget?
    How do you play?
    How far are you taking shots?

    The lightest I would recommend is a decent .30g BB (Goldenball), but once you give some more information you will be able to get BB recommendations that are better for what you do.

  3. Sillypancake

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    Like Raven said, you need to bee more specific. Research isn't very hard, just type in 'good quality airsoft sniper bbs' and helpful links will pop up in any search engine.

    Here's a catalog of sorts from a reliable forum dedicated to airsoft sniping:


    Once you have determined the best weight BB for your gun, you can refer to this to see what other's think is the best BB for that weight category.
  4. Noah_6

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    For a high velocity, heavier bbs like .3s would be optimal. I agree with using Goldenball BBs as extensive testing shows that they flatten instead of break. If they don't break they're less likely to jam your gun.