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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Falccon86, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Falccon86

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    Alright well here is the deal!

    For $300 flat i can get a CA M15a4 (non blowback version) and it is full metal with a cool iran desert sandy paint job, no upgrades but also come's with a sling/rubber knife that i can put on my rifle as well, also a Kwa glock 17 that looks nice silver slide and all.

    Or.... for not much more money

    G&P M4 special operations model
    With Star Knights Sniper Trigger Guard for M4
    And a level 4 upgrade on redwolf that says it should shoot like 440 fps

    Level IV premium upgrade option that increases your firepower and range. Upgrade work includes installation of the following:
    1. Install Prometheus spring
    2. Systema Bearing middle gear
    3. Systema Steel bushings
    4. Systema Hi Torque gears
    5. Battery Compartment Mods
    6. Systema Directional Piston Head
    7. Systema Bearing Rear Spring Guide
    8. Fuse removal
    9. Custom work to ensure smooth operation
    10. Install Deep Fire Titanium Piston (Titanium Teeth)
    This upgrade option represents a most powerful power upgrade for this gun.

    And also G&P M4 SPECOPS LEVEL 4 UPGRADE 440FPS - INTERNAL G&P 10.8v2200mAh Battery (GP433) for Extended Battery Buttstock

    I know money wise it would be the G&p but just let me know what you guys think.
  2. slipknot2302

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    I would get the G&P. I'd rather have an awesome primary, opposed to two good guns.