What do you usually do?

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    I tend to hang back, either snipe with a DMR, or recently (as I tend to get assigned to teams with lots of young kids going up against the other team with the "cool" or experienced players) I have adopted the "African Warlord" approach. I gather my very young team around and talk to them, calling them "My Simbas!" and I send them off in massed waves while I coordinate long rang fire over radios with the two or three other "old guys". This combined tactic has been very successful lately as the Simbas overwhelm the cool kids who try to operate by themselves and are unsupported. We are working on a reliable and field safe mortar so we can add indirect fires too. The up side is that the young kids are now excited as they have been successful of the BB field and don't feel left out. A group of them are now getting "Simba" patches made and are trying to find African style camo, I wear a certain pattern of note. The down side is now the "cool" team has 1) given me an African Warlord name 2) go out of their way to target me and 3) start to complain and rage quite when they see me giving a Simba pep talk to the young ones.
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