What gram bbs should I use with my KWA G36c?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by sbarratt, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. sbarratt

    sbarratt New Member

    I normally play outdoors. What do you guys think? It shoots around 380fps with .2g.
  2. UrGirlfriendz

    UrGirlfriendz New Member


  3. sbarratt

    sbarratt New Member

    My question is 'What would you recommend?', I wasn't asking for a useless chart.
  4. Radar159

    Radar159 New Member

    KWA .25 grams, or Elite Force .25 grams
  5. Echo-Zero

    Echo-Zero New Member

    How heavy are you willing to go? I personally use .28s in most of my AEGs, the idea that using heavier ammo in 400- setups causes the BBs to lose distance is a myth. Use .25s at minimum, higher if you have the option.
  6. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    First, the chart isnt useless. it is a recommendation for what weight you want to run rather than have every person list some numbers they like.
    his recommendation would be use that chart to determine which weight would work best for you needs...
    but its cool to make yourself look stupid sometimes i guess...
    Second, every gun shoots differently on different weights. My friends gun and mine both shoot 360fps with .25 but his gun shoots more accurately with .23 and mine with .25. so the real answer is buy a small amount of each size and determine what your gun likes best...

    PS... if you used the search bar youd find a couple of thread on bb weight and numerous threads that have been linked and closed...

    the part about loosing distance is not a myth. the heavier the weight, the more mass the less distance it can travel at the same velocity. Its science that proves that. If you put a .25 and a .40 in the same gun shooting 400+ fps, you will get much higher accuracy at a given distance but overall distance will be changed for the .40 round and will not travel as far.
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  7. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    Look, if you do not appreciate a good advice, leave.

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