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    Hello I am looking for a riffle that is decked out as much as possible. I am looking for working charging handle with bolt lock like the new G&G CM16 srxl but with a working bolt lock. Maybe some sort of recoil system, so on and so forth. Price isn't to big of an issue but I am looking to try and stay under 300. The role I am looking for is more of a blend I want range and accuracy balanced against cqb preformance something that works in the longer ranges of a field but also indoors. I am new and this would be my first gun, and I don't know what my local playing conditions are because there are no local fields or events. But I am moving to a place that has a converted airsoft field. Not sure if that helps I am looking for general suggestion and maybe some different brands to consider thanks.
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    First thought is the TM Sopmod M4, but that's about $100 over your desired budget at best.
    There's the BOLT M4 B-4 Sopmod, BUT I have zero experience with the gun and honestly haven't spent any time looking into them. Though I'm sure about 5-10min of Googling can give you a good idea of what to expect with the gun.
    I can't remember if the G&G Top Tech's have locking bolts, though I know they have blowback.

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    Thank you I was finally about to find out the new CM16 from G&G dosnt have a locking bolt so since the top tech is a fm upgraded version of the combat machine I would guess it do sent. I will look at the sopmod, even if it's over budget I would rather save and get the gun that best suits me then get something and regret not waiting