What gun should i get for my sis

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    Hi guys 2 months ago I played a 1 on 1 airsoft game with my 7 year old sister. In January she's turning 8 and wanted to get here an LPEG which would be they best for her. Oh and she's 4'9" and isn't that strong
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    She needs a kitchen [/sexist joke of the week]

    Before I get started, you need to go back and add in a budget.

    In all seriousness, get her some like a JG, G&G, DBoys, or other budget gun. It can be all plastic/polymer. I say this for 2 reasons.
    1. The gun will last longer through the abuse it will take
    2. If you ever need a spare gun, you have something worth fielding.

    Some good light weight choices are a P90, MP5k, MP5 w/ a re-tractable stock (Seal style), PDW M4,
    IF she really wants to have fun, Tactical Force (TF) makes a decent CO2 Mac11. It's cheap, but pretty decent for the price. I personally had fun with in at CQB fields.
    I wouldn't spend the money on a TM or other high priced gun for the simple fact that this gun will probably be knocked ALL around, tortured, and abused. From a typical player it's fine, from a younger player/kid I see it breaking

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    You should get her the pink m4 from g&g that gun is sick
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    My friend got that gun for his little bro. But he bought his black. It's a pretty good gun considering it runs on aa batteries....
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    I would get the MP5k I linked. You should get it from evike for around $100 shipped and it will be a better and a funner gun for her and you.
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    I got my little sister a combat machine...