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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Christian13, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Christian13

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    Hey guys its me again. Sorry I couldn't edit my thread. Ok I am looking for airsoft guns like the m4,m16,p-90 and famas. But I don't know if I should get it as a spring electric. My price range is 20 to 39. I am looking for the role of a ...well I just want to play with my friends in my back yard. I don't really have a poisition. I would also like some sites with good but cheap airsoft guns.
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    No such thing as good cheap airsoft guns, for what you're looking for, stop asking in here and just go to walmart. They have little machine guns there for $40. I would just save up for a better gun.

  3. Christian13

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    Airsplat has cheap but good airsoft guns
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    You might want to try the dumpster behind Target.
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    Your budget will get you a crap gun that will break very very soon. Save up to at least $100 so you can get a galaxy mp5k.

    Yeah I know its for backyard use and you don't need a strong gun, but the problem with weak cheap guns is they also break easily too. In conclusion, save up $100 for a galaxy mp5k.
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    Depends on what you're referring to. If to lpaegs then they could be how cheap you wish, but will still be bad as hell.
    Even though you're going to play backyard wars, I recommend saving up for a decent aeg (cyma, jg, etc) or at least for a tri shot shotgun. Those spring electric guns perform horribly and will break on you in a matter of days or weeks.
  7. Sparky_D

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    No, Airsplat has cheap guns and Airsplat has good guns.

    There is no such thing as a cheap, good airsoft gun.

    If you only have $40 to spend, you will not find anything worth buying online.
    Heck, shipping charges will be 25-50% of your budget.

    If you only have $40, go to Walmart and pick up a Cybergun Taurus 24/7 or Colt Delta Elite spring pistol. They are made by KWC and are arguably the best spring gun you can find in your price range locally.
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    Save up to you get to about $50 and get a tri-shot shotgun, or the best option would be to check ebay for a CYMA CM028 (AK47). You will have little to no fun with $40, but with $50-90 you will have approximately 374026040173047172850371 times more fun.
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    0x 374026040173047172850371 =0. Wouldn't that still be zero? Lol I digress, it's all been said, save up like another $40. Or look for a replacement very soon
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    Dangit. Touché.
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    Colt delta elite. I remember mine, in fact I still Have mine. Actually not bad.