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  1. cam93906

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    What is better a short tight bore barrel or a longer one or are they they same :cool:
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    Shorter barrels are usually used in CQB guns, where a long distance shot is rare. Longer barrels, thusly, are for longer shots like in the field, giving the gun more accuracy. I guess it all depends on what you're wanting the gun to do.

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    I've been told that the length of the barrel isn't as comparable to range as the diameter is.
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    Barrel length does not matter. You can make an MP5k a dmr.

    By the way, there are probably thousands of threads (and blog posts, and articles) on this topic. It WAS one of the most discussed airsoft topics. I say was, because people have found that barrel length does not matter. Just use google.
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    a pistol length vs a sr25 length youll see a difference in accuracy not much in range. if you get a madbull 6.03 pistol TBB and a madbull 6.03 350mm+ barrel youll see the range will remain the same but the accuracy at further ranges will increase. The quality most determines teh accuracy of the gun. The houp and bucking help determine the range and also have an effect on accuracy.
    there is no real difference in accuracy between normal length barrels of the same size. a 295mm 6.03 and a 365mm 6.03 from the same company wont give you noticeable results. Same thing for barrels longer than 350mm