What is so special about TM?

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  1. northjerseyairsoft02

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    I always see posts about Marui. What is so special about the company? I never really see them for sale too often. I always here TM but do not know too much about them.
  2. deathmechanic

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    Guys who started the AEG movement back in the day. They survived a terrible economic downturn overseas and kept airsoft alive. They produced plastic bodied replicas with a gearbox powered by a electric motor.

    Nowadays they are kind of a niche market. Most people don't like them due to low fps, plastic body, high price for what you get, etc. I personally like them as many will last 6+ years with very lil maintenance. The best part about them is there fairy dust infused hopup which is the only one that seems to work well on a stock rifle.

    Nowadays though many guns are cheaper and can be brought up or past TMs level while still costing less then a TM. I still own a TM and so do a couple buddies and I love them. Most people who have never owned a TM though will tell you to move on and buy a lonex M4 or other replicas.

    If you want to dish out the cash great. If not there are plenty of other replicas to choose from to build up to your liking.

  3. MR38

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    TM makes some of of the best stock AEGs and GBBs on the market. They developed what we now know as the AEG and my companies base there guns off original TM designs. That is why you see many guns being called Tokyo Marui compatible.
  4. DadCRO

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    Tokyo Marui's guns are plastic, have low FPS, and are very expensive, but they will last you forever and outperform almost every other stock AEG out there.
  5. TheFallenHero

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    Low stock fps. These guns can be pushed to there limit and upgraded just like every other gun.

    With the fps they start with they will be very very accurate though simply because there hop ups are the best stock hop ups in the bussiness.

    I believe they also made what we consider to be a gearbox now first. Didnt they?
  6. Axis

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    I've never been a fan of Tokyo Marui. TM uses plastic bodies (The grip on my Biohazard M9 creaks a good bit), their guns have a low FPS, etc. However, I will give them credit for designing a few cool things like the AEG recoil system, the Gindan gun(s), etc.
  7. TheFallenHero

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    The issue with guns now just in general. Is that all they are is a body when you buy it. Thats it because in the end you upgrade every single part inside of it. So the base performance doesnt matter when all is said and done.

    People like TM because of there hop-up though. That and most of there guns have an fps low enough for CQB but good enough accuracy for outdoor games all when stock. Which is a nice add on. I mean just go look at the vsr sniper they sell. I believe it costs 200 dollars. Shoots more accurate then any other 200 dollar sniper out of the box unless its a gas sniper once properly tuned.
  8. BloodyViper

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    I'm not sure if most people know this, not only do they create good hop up buckings, but they make very good motors, my tm mp5k came with a tm m1000 motor which can pull pretty much any type of spring, the limit being probably a m170 spring.
  9. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Most everyone is hitting it on the head.
    As it was once explained to me. TM's are like Hondas internally; they can go through hell and back and still work without a problem. You don't get a super-powered engine, but you know it'll get you to where you need to go.

    Yes they have a relatively low velocity, but they're living proof that velocity doesn't equal range.
    They're plastic bodies are due to the laws overseas, but there are metal body kits available.
    They're hop-ups are simply imfamous and coveted among most players who own them.

    Overall great guns STOCK, hence the reason most sells state that the gearbox has not been opened or tampered wth. If you plan on upgrading, you really shouldn't even consider TM.
  10. Tornado-Airsoft

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    Yes I agree I have beat the crap out of my 5-7 and it still works to this day. I have walked through rivers, drop it on cement floors, and abused my pistol to the max. To this day it is still working fine.

    Most people go with KWA and this is what I tell them KWA hasn't shone them selves as a company yet. Meaning that you can't drop there guns you have to lube them and take great care of them.

    Most people don't know that TM made the first gear box. So in order for me to have great successful gear that will be reliable I will most likely and always get TM guns.