What is the best scope to use with a m4?

Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by Ghost-1, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Ghost-1

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    Need help if anyone can give me it
  2. TheAirsoftTech

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    None, IMO it's not necessary or functional.

  3. Munishin

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    This question has a 100% preference based answer.
  4. ncore

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    The iron sights should be fine...

    also, seeing as m4s are a CQB style weapon, what good would having a scope on it do you?

    If you really want a sight on it, don't get anything with a zoom. I suggest an eotech replica or if you are on an even tighter budget, I have the leapers 1x30 red dot scope and it works very well. You can get it for $30 off of airsplat.

    But there are so many better sights out there, thats just if you are on a budget like me.
  5. Scout_Master

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    As a poster stated above, the M4 carbine is primarily a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) weapon and should be used in the range or 5m-100m effectively. The M4 is a shorter CQB variant of the M16 A4 rifle used by the US Military. There are 2 categories of optics (which is probably what you are asking about), these two optics are sites and scopes.

    A site allows you to accurately aim and fire your weapon and does not provide any zoom or a closer view of what you are looking at. Sites generally (I say generally because there is always an exception) come in 2 varieties, iron sites (hole/post) and red dot. Iron sites will generally be more accurate assuming you have zeroed your weapon properly. Real steel weapon have an effective range of 300m, where as an Airsoft weapon will have an effective range of approximately 75m when sited properly and used with the correct BBs. Below is a link to how to zero a weapon and how to properly use it most accurately, the link is a book published by the army (FM 3-22.9) about rifle marksmanship.


    A scope will follow the same principles outlined in the book, but will allow you greater range of vision as well as increased accuracy should you learn how to use your weapon to that effect. Most airsoft rifles have a difficult time with ballistics past 100m unless they are designed for that kind of use such as sniper rifles or the Designated Marksmanship Rifle (DMR) version of the M16.

    Short answer: Use iron sites with the large peep hole for indoors play, unless you WANT to spend money, then go with a red dot site.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.
  6. scott_siler_wtd

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    I have a tru glo red dot scope. I have a m-14 and it works great. Only $40 at dicks! Try it out!
  7. McGee

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    San Francisco
    G&P red dots are a great bargain, even with shipping from HK.

    Iron sights are just fine. In fact, I'd recommend you stick to using them for a while. Get good at target acquisition with iron sights. You'll NOT regret this, I'm serious.
  8. scott_siler_wtd

    scott_siler_wtd New Member

    Yeah i actually like my iron sights they will work fine for someone qho doesnt wanna buy a $40 scope.
  9. Ghost-1

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    I was thinking a acog???
  10. cmachine1995

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    I wouldn't use a scope on an m4, unless it's a dmr, but you most likely refer to a closer-combat m4. Depending on the distance from your target, iron sights should be more than enough to get the job done. Plus airsoft gun scopes would be harder to sight in.