What Makes a Review Good?

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    Well, if you guys have somehow managed not to notice lately, over the last year or so I've put less effort into the various forums I frequent, and more into YouTube. This happened for a variety of reasons, which we will not discuss until the next break-down begins.

    Anyways, this has made me wonder, what constitutes a good review of a GBBP or AEG, in either video or text form? What common elements of reviews do you think are important, or un-important? What would you like to see added to reviews? What type of review does it take to encourage or dissuade you from buying a gun?

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    I say a review that is:well practiced, sectioned, where the reviewer uses the item or has used the item so they know the jist of it, properly researched, and not too long. IMO

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    Range test
    ROF test on multiple batteries
    FPS test on multiple batteries
    Accuracy test at multiple distances
    In depth external overview (metal parts, safety features, etc)
    In depth internal overview (gearbox, hop-up, etc.)
    What's quality and what's not (pros and cons)
    Your opinion on the gun

    Range test
    ROF test (if it has FA) on GG and propane
    FPS test with GG and propane
    Accuracy test at multiple distances
    In depth external overview (safety features, metal parts, etc)
    In depth internal overview (take off the slide and identify quality parts)
    Pros and cons
    Your opinion

    That'll do it for me.
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    Skip unboxing. Just mention what it all comes with.

    No one cares about the box. Sure, KA has so much better packaging and flashier box than AGM, but it's irrelevant.

    Mention more features than just where the fire selector and mag release are. I see this so much it makes me want to falcon punch them through the screen. Everyone knows where the M4 selector and mag release are.

    Use the gun (preferably extensively) before the review. If you can't speak to the long term reliability and performance, and just go over the out of the box features like alot of people do, it isn't a review. It's an overview of features.

    Reviews should help determine quality of product, but since every review of every new M4 is essentially the same, and does not give an insight to how it will perform over the lifetime of the gun, we are stuck with mag releases and selector switches.
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    Explain what some of the things you mention do and mean. But put it in the description and before the video say, "if you don't know what something I say means read the video description for an explanation."

    I know when I first started, I was like whaaaaa? When people without experience get confused they tend to stop paying attention and write it off.
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    This is slightly irrelevant but on airsplat if you look at the first reviews for most of the stuff you will see a joshua, grace and sometimes a Larry and Caleb. Which means airsplat weights there own reviews, and try to find a one star product, they delete anything bad. I saw a review about this on a gun on airsplat and the review is now gone.
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    Some of the best reviews on the net:


    They're concise, well written, and highly informative. He knows everything that we care about and everything that we don't. He's also developed his own tests and metrics to best compare between guns and highlight important performance characteristics.