What makes someone "good" at airsoft?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by pancakemix56, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. pancakemix56

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    I've always pondered this notion.
    I really want to get better at Airsoft but what makes someone good?
    I thought it was the person who isn't afraid of bullets and is just super aggressive.
    I tried that.
    It failed.
    I just got bullets come at me in every direction time after time after time.
    I play solo most of the times so I can't really use teamwork to push up and gain field control.
    Any ideas?
  2. marine121496

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    Referring to out on the field.
    I hate to sound so simple minded, but at least around my place, it's going to be the guy who gets the most hits on others, I understand everyone who says that teamwork and communication is vital to being good at the sport, but at my field, games are too small to have real teamwork.

  3. hasmeen

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    I say it has to do a lot with using your body with the environment so that you won't be seen making you a hard target to shoot. It also dearly easy to kill someone if they don't know where the bbs are comming from
  4. BaghdadRecon

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    No, no, no. You have to be a good leader, and know the field well. Use your surroundings to your advantage. Plus a good quality gun wouldn't hurt ;)
  5. NOMAD666

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    Just use some tactics. Be quick. watch from all directions.
  6. Sohte

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    Having the guts to run in guns blazing and understanding when too do it.
    Being situationally aware.
    Honorable field play & respect for other players.
  7. rblevinski

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    Being a respectable, knowledgeable, and hard working player who uses tactics and teamwork to accomplish goals as a team, not an individual.

    Edit: Since your by yourself, the best interest of you and your objective, not the team's.
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  8. Col1500

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    Easy, shoot other people and don't get shot yourself.

    How you do that varies on YOU. If there was a magic combination then nobody's playstyle would be unique. You have the right idea of trying different styles, though. Training exercises can also make you good at any approach. For example, my team has Iron Man and Gun Game. In Iron man, it's 1 vs all. We give one person 1-2 minutes to go and find a nice comfy spot in our patch of woods. Then the all (typically 4-5) has to find and kill the Iron Man. This teaches the Iron Man to use stealth in order to eliminate everyone (Pure firefighting NEVER works, You can get flanked pretty easily on our field without a partner). But the all also learns to find people hiding in the bushes, good formations, hand signals, and what to do when they get ambushed. In Gun Game, it's quite the opposite. The number of people varies on your field, but 4 people works best for mine, although we've gone up to 6 people. Essentially, it's pure firefight training. It's a FFA with rush rules, rush rules being no going behind cover until you see someone, and no standing still, but it also has a twist. That twist, which you probably have an idea of, makes you trade guns with the person you killed or were killed by. After x number of kills, you win once you kill the person holding your personal gun.

    If you can find some friends to play those games with, you'll become better and better at both ends of the airsoft skill spectrum, and you'll eventually find your own unique style.
  9. rblevinski

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    I am going to try that Iron Man game type, I can see how it would help.
  10. Navyhodge

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    I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. Although though not done often, having the guts to go in guns blazing already separates you from a lot of people. It doesn't mean your stupid, it just means when the times comes and a building full of guys needs to be cleared, and you have the situational awareness to say "ok, i'm clear to make it to the building, and then breach it" which could save you the game. Now, it helps to have tactical skills and good trigger response while doing this. Its not like anyone can just run in and start shooting from the hip. Also, being honorable and respectable to other players while doing all of this will make others respect you. I've also noticed the people who move fast and smart are the ones to end up flanking the entire team and popping them off one at a time.
  11. pmang6

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    Obviously you need to be honest at all times.
    And as nerdy as it sounds.......... your kill/death ratio seems to be a good indicator to me.
  12. DadCRO

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    Yup. Although, if you are on a team, it's good to have a decent grasp of strategy.
  13. Bulldawg26

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    A lot of practice and an ability to learn from mistakes.
  14. Axis

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    Honesty, kindness, respect, character. You can say that one guy got 20 kills and only 4 deaths all day long, but he could be a pretty mean guy for all I know. I'd rather take the guy that will back me up, call his hits, respect my opinion, and make a few funnies (this is optional for me, but preferred).
  15. Skyrimbeast5879

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  16. McGee

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    Can't know how to be good at something until you define the goals.

    Airsoft is pretty 'vague', since it covers a huge range of games with very different rules and expectations. Being good at one style is a total failure at another.

    Even MILSIM is a very broad, vague term, unfortunately. Within 100 miles, there are extremely different ideas about what MILSIM is and what it isn't.

    An example - to be a 'good airsofter' where I am, you need to work with a team. It may not be 'your team' but you stick with a group and work with them all day. You learn skills like movement, battle drills, communication, concealment, map reading, and use these to help your team do its job better.
  17. ncore

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    I think it would be a mixture between stamina, strength, perception, communication, as well as actual combat skill.

    The exact mixture of those abilities varies for everybody, and you don't have to have all of them to do good. After a while of playing, you will figure out whats best for you.
  18. Stephengrem

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    A good airsoft player will do what the mission requires. For a grab *** game it's about kills. For most objective based games I try to atleast keep enemies at bay so teammates can get to the objective.
    A good player will follow directions and not sit in spawn when they're team is loosing.

    Above all a good player CALLS HIS HITS
  19. BoogerMc

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    Although much of what has been said already is true, what makes any one a good player in any sport makes one a good player in Airsoft. However, as Airsoft is not your typical "ballgame," there are some serious differences. Regardless of what style you play, game type, or where you play, whether it is speedball style or combat, CQB, woods, Milsim, or whatever, remember this is a game based on war and warfare. Therefore, to be a good player or even a great player, one must have the mental capacity to understand war.

    Physical ability is a top priority; after all, if you can't run, aim, shoot, and hit your target, you're not going to be successful anyway. However, mental capacity is just as, if not more important. One must be able to think like the enemy to understand and defeat the enemy. I would recommend doing some reading, such as Sun Tzu's The Art of War or some other great military leader's book on strategy and military planning. Also, learn to play Chess, it is an excellent way to learn move/countermove techniques.

    In the end, a good or great player understands the game, knows it inside and out, and plays it a thousand times in their head before they make a single move on the battlefield. However, remember this, no matter how much you plan, no matter how good you get, no strategy, no plan, and no technique survives the first encounter with the enemy because once the enemy has been engaged, every second brings change and every change must be recalculated and addressed.
  20. Lefse

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    It depends what you want to get out of the game. Some people are very focused on winning, my main focus is having fun. If you focus on having your team win, then teamplay and tactics are important elements. Regardless of your reason to play, honesty is essential.