What makes you angry when modding?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by mTrext, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. mTrext

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    I just want to know what makes you angry while modding a gun like a hi-capa. One thing I hate is accidentally order a 4.3 barrel when I have a 5.1 Hi-Capa. It makes me laugh, but pisses me off.
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  2. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    Bull Shoals
    When I mod a trigger to have a short easy pull. But then it turns out it was slightly off spec in that GB shell and doesn't work, so I have to use a SCAR trigger in an m4.....

  3. Hangtight

    Hangtight Well-Known Member

    Everything being just different enough in dimension and tolerance that it refuses to work together, even when it's from the same manufacturer.
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  4. adas1223

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    closing a v3 gearbox
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  5. Hangtight

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    Use old motor magnets to hold the anti reversal latch and gears in place while you close the halves, then put a probe up the air nozzle and push the piston back to pop it on its rails. Easy! Or at least it is after you've done it half a dozen times and you eventually remember to put the bloody top cover latch in place before you put the screws in. ;)
  6. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    Bull Shoals
    Yes indeed. "But they said they're all tm compatible!"
    I can see this becoming one of those "important threads" like SWUP;)
  7. Hangtight

    Hangtight Well-Known Member

    Where 'TM compatible' actually means 'mostly the same shape as TM...'
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  8. Jeranhound

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    No kidding. I bought an APS AK rail. It doesn't fit on -anything-. If I owned an APS AK, I would have had to do the same mods I had to do to get it on my Cyma, because the holes that come pre-drilled on its top cover do not line up at all with where it needs to be for proper installation.

    Also, I think triggers hate me, in general. Hardest part of putting together a V3 for me is that the trigger and arl fight to both pop out, and now I can't get the trigger for my new Type 89 working, so I have to take it to the tech at the same place I bought it. Because I give up on soldering.
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  9. LightIsRight

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    Cannon Falls
    Ugh. Trying to close gearboxes makes me wish I had four or five hands. The trigger and AR latch are the worst.
  10. Sitting_Duck

    Sitting_Duck Well-Known Member

    What makes you angry when modding?

    Just WTF do nigh on all manufacturers STILL slap the stuff together
    WHY - just why can't they shim a tiny bit better, better seal and ffs correct AoE

    Why do we have to spend the time/money correcting stuff they could/should have improved
    I mean another 5 or 10 notes to the price would be ok with most I think
    This is just in general stock guns could be a bit better with just a few better choices of parts

    The ones who want to rip the crap out of a box won't care much in the end
    But the quality of stock guns could be improved upon for very little extra at assembly

    So wtf don't manufacturers do it better to begin with !!!!
    (think that is my main rant - why very little stock parts remain after I've finished)
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  11. plasticnoob

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    hidden city
    Not all parts are "TM" compatible. I bought a 5ku flared magwell in my favorite color blue to match my trigger. It didn't fit my KJ Works KP05 grip as it's different from the TM style..
    So I order a TM grip for $20 and when I installed the internals they didn't work right with the gun! It had problems and was off spec. The contacts wouldn't touch and caused it not to fire.

    Complete waste of $40++ I will just have to keep both until I get a "TM hi capa".
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  12. Airborne101

    Airborne101 Well-Known Member

    Because very few are willing to pay for it.

    This is quite largely how clones came to be. They cut corners to make things cheaper. While it doesn't guarantee it, buying higher end guns like G&P, VFC, pro grade Classic Army or G&G, generally give you better this, or nicer that. Are they perfect? No. Are they far better than others? Yes.

    The saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and that certainly applies in airsoft.
  13. Sitting_Duck

    Sitting_Duck Well-Known Member

    The point I was making was more to the whole of the industry if I'm honest....
    for example:
    G&G's std piston is no better than a Cyma piston & G&G's piston head isn't great imho either
    Why not put a bearing spring guide in there - how much more after deducting the std one cost
    Why - just why, not o-ring nozzle to begin with
    Why can't most manufacturers correct or part correct AoE

    Taking into account they make/buy those parts - why not just make/buy better parts
    (take off the std part cost, ability to make/buy in bulk then it shouldn't cost loads more)

    Assembly wise - yes the cheaper stuff will be slapped together more without great tolerances
    cheaper weaker motors but many mid range gun motors are not great either

    As I said - no big deal to ones who will rip the thing open & gut it
    but as the collection of surplus stock parts grow I do wonder why they bother just to save money.
    Don't get me wrong some ofthis old stuff might save my skin on a mild build if I'm stuck
    But most of it is likely just end up laying in a box of old bits n bobs until I sling it
    (sorry recycle it)
  14. Lefse

    Lefse Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I don't mean to cavil, but stock CYMA pistons are actually superior to stock G&G pistons, also CM.040 CYMA AEG's actually have steel bearing spring guide installed. Also, the o-ring in the nozzle has very little effect on FPS consistency. I do agree that it would be nice to see better stock parts in AEG and overall better manufacturing tolerances, but as stated by Airborne, it has to do with cost. The average AEG is actually very cheap considering that it's relatively complicated to manufacture and is sold in relatively small numbers.

    Umbrella Armory AEG's are actually realistically priced, if I were to mass produce AEG's of similar quality and performance level and be able to make a living off of it they would cost about the same.

    I have discovered a part that annoys me more than the dreaded ARL during my latest AEP project, this annoying little ******* that loves to jump across the room when I'm disassembling or re-assembling the gun.
  15. Sitting_Duck

    Sitting_Duck Well-Known Member

    Said G&G piston is not that great....
    (whilst they fit a solid metal std spring guide why not fit a bearing one in there)
    Box is nice but AR Latch is fitted way too close when fitting thicker wires - can rub
    (have to mod a thinner ARL a little (Element) and widen channel etc...)

    D-Boy 614/416/8001 had a nice bearing spring guide by default
    but the Cyma 040 is a more mid range priced gun than the cheaper cm5xx or cm028's

    Agreed - o-ring nozzle's don't make much difference but often we replace them

    VFC's - don't they have them springs on their spur/step & sector gears ??
    To me shim it a bit better and forget the spring (think it adds to drag ever so slightly)

    Why don't more manufacturers radius the box perhaps ???
    The weird thing is that cyma are currently making 2 types of v2 8mm cross bushing boxes
    One is std cheap & cheerful re-enforced like a tank (no radius)
    The other is radius'd and deffo came from a different casting but still sure it is cyma
    (same cross bushings & v3 spring guide (now bearing guide) in a v2 box)

    The cheapo box....


    The newer box.....

    (courtesy of arnies btw & cylinder has just one o-ring as far as I can see)
    taken from a review of a P&J CM.072...

    same gears with a number 1 marked on bevel gear
    same re-enforced up front requiring tappet plate cut outs (lonex type of thingy)
    same safety arm - has an external screw to be removed prior to opening box
    (looks like slightly qwirky cyma trigger switch but hard to tell)

    So looks like cyma or the factory is making a different variation of the gearbox
    So they have stuff like the v3 bearing spring guide and a radius box
    Still no correction of AoE, same piston, cylinder, gears etc....
    so why not.......

    Ohhhh never mind - I'll just keep moaning I guess.....

    OK - simple moan, having to grind away re-enforced v2's to fit 13:1 gears in there
    Yup - could do without that I guess
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